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[EN] Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a metabolic disorder that most commonly associated with pregnancy. About 1% of pregnant women DM present before pregnancy and between 1-12% depending on the strategy 1 Diagnostic employed, have DM during pregnancy. Gestational diabetes (GD) is an intolerance of carbohydrates or decrease its tolerance, which appears or is diagnosed during pregnancy regardless of treatment, the degree of metabolic derangement and its postpartum persistence. Approximately 10% of pregnant women are pregestational diabetes and 90% gestational. Most of these patients are women predisposed genetic metabolic diabetes or incapable of adequately compensate the diabetogenic effects of pregnancy. Some of the associated problems are: 1. - INSULIN RESISTANCE, offset by an increased secretion pancreatic insulin. This resistance is related to the presence of lactogen placenta (HPL) in the second half of pregnancy, along with other hormones hyperglycemic as cortisol, prolactin, progesterone, and estriol, and other contrainsulares hormones, which cause increased degradation renal placental insulin. This creates a state of hyperglycemia and compensatory hyperinsulinemia. Two. - LIPOLYSIS INCREASE; lipids become free fatty AIDOS glycerol. Fatty acids do not cross the placenta, but they do glycerol and ketone bodies. Three. - ALTERATIONS gluconeogenesis, there is activation of the AminoGenesis intrahepatic gluconeogenesis and renal, which can lead to states of frank hypoglycemia, it decreases blood glucose and amino acids plasma.
Endlich, Philippus
Engelbrecht, Arnold
Engelbrecht, Arnold Henrich
Engelgrave, Henricus
Engel, Johann
Engel, Ludwig
Engel Rocamora, Anna
Enjuto Sánchez, Begoña
Ennabili, Abdeslam
Ennenckel, Georgius Acacius
Ennio, Quinto
Enresto Fuschini, Carlos
Enrico, Bernardo
Enrico da Susa
Enrique, Demetrio
Enrique IV, Rey de Francia
Enrique VIII, Rey de Inglaterra
Enríquez del Castillo, Diego
Enríquez de Villegas, Diego
Mostrando resultados 6772 a 6791 de 24818