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Enríquez de Zúñiga, Juan
Enríquez, Diego, s. 17o
Enríquez Garretas, Lidia
Enríquez Navascués, Juan Javier
Ensenyant Rigo, Magdalena
Ens, Kaspar
Enterría González, A.
[EN] The labour, in constant transformation, stands as the great challenge driver of economic growth. Our society needs to encourage and revitalize models such growth, job creation and business innovation. Thus the charge entrepreneurship an important role as a possible alternative for achieving these objectives. The project has been approached from many perspectives, all different and complementary. In this paper, I will review the literature written about the entrepreneur, focusing on trying to define the so-called entrepreneurial personality, identifying those personality traits that characterize and differentiate. After describing and analyzing personality variables, we will consider the main cultural factors that influence entrepreneurship, To do this, we will introduce the meanings of culture and entrepreneurship, as well as its importance in economic development, and then analyze the cultural values that influence intend to undertake. The basic objective of this research will try to identify what has more weight on entrepreneurial intention personality traits, or cultural values acquired by the entrepreneur socially. For our analysis, we will have a sample of entrepreneurs, active entrepreneurs opened their own business, ie, we start the analysis of entrepreneurial behavior and executed. We will compare these entrepreneurs, subdividing based on the geographical area where they opened their business in order to try to identify if what remains, to this day, his entrepreneurial intention is to hold certain personality traits or demographic type variables (sex, age, educational level) and cultural (geographical area and values). We start from the premise that the psychological characteristics of the entrepreneur, being decisive, not enough to undertake. Try to explain and establish how other social elements, values, as a basic component of culture, mediate the intention to undertake
[EN] This doctoral thesis aims to analyze, in a compared way the appearance, development and changes caused in the heart of the Mapuche movement of Chile and Argentina. Pretending from this, describe and analyze the factors that affect in order to produce differences in the way in which Mapuche Movement appears in Chile and Argentina after the transition.
[EN] This thesis has been focused on the evolution over ten years of initial treatment (for prehospital advanced life support-ALS-), the patient with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and / or spinal cord injury (SCI). Based on all the issues and comments that are developed in the introduction and discussion sections, objectives and focus of this Thesis work is performed a retrospective, longitudinal and descriptive Initial Assistance on prehospital patients with TBI or by SCI pre-hospital emergency services, Spanish Red Cross, provincial headquarters of Salamanca, for a period of ten years, from the 1 January 2000 and December 31, 2009.
Enthoven, Jean-Paul, 1949-
En: Translating Justice. Traducir la Justicia (eds. Alonso Araguás, I.; Baigorri Jalón, J.; Campbell, H.). Comares. Granada, pp. 98-117, 2010. ISBN: 9788498366518
E. Pardo Patán
Ephron, H. D.
Epifanio, Santo, Obispo de Constancia
Epo, Boetius
Epulon Tola
Equipo de Estudio de América Latina
Equipo de Estudios
Equipo de estudios de la escuela de telemandos intermedios a distancia
Mostrando resultados 6792 a 6811 de 24818