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1581The Conflict of ConscienceWoodes, Nathaniel, ca.1550-?
2015The Contrast between Femininity and the Feminine in Troi, from "Star Trek: The Next Generation"Álvarez Pérez, Mariela
22-jun-2015The Contrast Between Femininity and the Feminine in Troy, from Star Trek: The Next GenerationÁlvarez Pérez, Mariela
1719The Country-Man’s Ramble Thro’ Bartholomew-FairAnonymous
1987The Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary in a Sector of the South Limb of the Miranda-Treviño Synclinal: The first appearance of Chelonia and Archosauria in the Basque County. Cretaceous Research, 8, 15-27Jiménez Fuentes, Emiliano; Astibia, A.; García Garmilla, Francisco Adolfo; Orue-Exthebarría Urkiza, Xabier; Rodríguez Lázaro, Julio; Buscalioni, Ángela D.; Sanz, José Luis
1672The Cuckoo of the TimesAnónimo
2010The Days to Pay Accounts Payable Determinants Financing, Pricing Motives and Financial Substitution Effect A Panel Data GMM Estimation From European Western CountriesMarques, Justino Manuel de Oliveira
2008The decline of the Spanish nobility: Credit and administration (1790-1850)Robledo Hernández, Ricardo
1851The Dialect oand Folklore of NorthamptonshireSternberg, Thomas, 1794?-1858?
1807“The dialect of Leicestershire.”Nichols, John, 1745-1826
1913The Dialect of the New Forest in Hampshire (as Spoken in the village of Burley).Wilson, James, 1853-1926
1869The Dialect of the West of England, Particularly Somersetshire, with a Glossary of Words in Use There. Also with Poems and Other Pieces Exemplifying the Dialect. 2nd ed., the whole revised, corrected, and enlarged, with two dissertations on the Anglo-Saxon pronouns, and other pieces, by James Knight JenningsJennings, James, 1772-1833
21-oct-1972The Dictator.Le Dictateur.Der Diktator.O DitadorSam
17-dic-2009The Domestication of Man: The Social Implications of DarwinClark, Gregory
2009The effect of R and D intensity on corporate social responsabilityPadgett, Robert C.; Galán, José Ignacio
jun-2013The effects of nicotine on cone and rod b-wave responses in larval zebrafishMoyano Téllez, Miguel; Porteros Herrero, Ángel; Dowling, John E.
2015The Emerging Spaces of Scottish Drama and Theatre in the 1990sBeck, András
2008The end. Muertes de cineMarzábal Albaina, Iñigo
11-mar-1899The english-speaking folkUnamuno, Miguel de, 1864-1936
2013The Eviction of the Human from Human Interest: The Case of Mechanically Generated Text and Textual AnalysisWest, Adrian Nathan
Mostrando resultados 92845 a 92864 de 103807