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Fecha de publicaciónTítuloAutor(es)
2009The family report perceived the adolescents through millon adolescent personality inventory (M.A.P.I.)Sánchez Crespo, Guadalupe; Jiménez Gómez, Fernando; Merino Barragán, Vicente
1871The Famine Fast DayAnónimo
1800The Farmer's BoyBloomfield, Robert, 1766-1823
1894The Fifth Series of Wiltshire Rhymes and Tales in the Wiltshire Dialect.Slow, Edward, 1841-1925
1869The Folk-Speech of Cumberland and Some Districts AdjacentCraig Gibson, Alexander, 1813-1874
1990The fossil vertebrates from Laño (Basque Country,Spain); new evidence on the composition and affinities of the Late Cretaceous continental faunas of EuropeAstibia, Humberto; Buffetaut, E.; Buscalioni, Ángela D.; Capetta, H.; Corral, C.; Estes, Richard; García Garmilla, Francisco Adolfo; Jaeger, J. J.; Jiménez Fuentes, Emiliano; Le Loeuff, Jean; Mazín, Jean Michel; Orue-Exthebarría Urkiza, Xabier; Pereda-Suberbiola, Javier; Powell, Jaime Eduardo; Rage, Jean-Claude; Rodríguez Lázaro, Julio; Sanz, José Luis
25-mar-1978The FrontGalán, Diego, 1946-
1870The Fugitive and Other PoemsHeygate, William Edward, 1816-1902
14-oct-2014The Fun of Exploration: How to Access a Non-Standard Language Corpus VisuallyTherón-Sánchez, Roberto; Wandl-Vogt, Eveline
1660The GangAnónimo
2002The generating function for a particular class of characters of SU(n)García Fuertes, Wifredo; Perelomov, Askold M.
1850The Ghost of Tim BobbinRichardson, George, 1807-1886
1600The Good-Man of Auchter MuchtyAnónimo
1653The GowlinAnónimo
9-sep-2014The Great Gatsby : a meditation on American Society in the 1920`sHernández García, Aitana
1685The Green-Sickness GriefAnónimo
1891The Grey Pool and Other StoriesVerney, Frances Parthenope, 1819-1890
1843The Harnet and the Bittle. A Whimsical Satire on Litigation, in the Somersetshire DialectAnónimo
1839The Heiress-Entrapping Doctor’s SoliloquyClark, Charles, 1806-1880
1994The Hermeneutic Code in Classical Detective Fiction: Doyle, Chesterton and ChristiePardo García, Pedro Javier
Mostrando resultados 92865 a 92884 de 103807