<p> The Research Institute on Educational Sciences at the University of Salamanca, <a href="http://iuce.usal.es"target="_blank">IUCE,</a> will start a new PhD Programme on Education and Knowledge Society, under an interdisciplinary approach supported by Research Groups on Education, Engineering and Robotics, Medicine, Information and Documentation Sciences and Communication Media. The main aim of this PhD Programme is researching, discussing and generating new knowledge about the learning as a key element of the Knowledge Society, including both the Social Sciences studies and the new technological advances but within a synergic and symbiotic approach. According this perspective, a not closed set of different research lines, always with a collaborative orientation, is established, including: Education Assessment and Orientation, Human-Computer Interaction, eLearning, Computers in Education, Communication Media and Education, Medicine and Education, Robotics in Education, Engineering and Education, Information Society and Education. This way, this PhD Programme offers a framework to make possible the synergies and symbiotic relationships among different knowledge areas with the goal to rise the Education as one of the most important rights and the real engine of the current Society. At the same time, bridges are built just in order to face, in a reflective, collaborative and interdisciplinary way, the most relevant challenges related to the Mankind progress. Jointly and congruently with the PhD Programme, a new Conference is born, TEEM (Technological Ecosystems for Enhancing Multiculturality). The Conference aims and key research lines are shared with the Programme, but promoting the internationalization and knowledge sharing with all the researchers in these topics. </p>

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