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2010A Multi-agent System that Searches for Learning Objects in Heterogeneous Repositoriesde La Prieta Pintado, Fernando; Gil González, Ana Beléninfo:eu-repo/semantics/article2017-09-06T09:14:57Z; 2017-09-06T09:14:57Z; 2010
2010Agents and Computer Vision for Processing Stereoscopic ImagesRodríguez González, Sara; de La Prieta Pintado, Fernando; Tapia Martínez, Dante I.; Corchado Rodríguez, Juan; 2017-09-06T09:15:03Z; 2010/06
2010Cloud Computing in BioinformaticsBajo Pérez, Javier; Zato Domínguez, Carolina; de La Prieta Pintado, Fernando; de Luis Reboredo, Ana; Tapia Martínez, Dante; 2017-09-06T09:14:58Z; 2010
2012Evaluation of Labor Units of Competency: Facilitating Integration of Disabled PeopleJiménez Vivas,Amparo; Casado Melo, Amparo; de La Prieta Pintado, Fernando; Rodríguez González, Sara; de Paz Santana, Juan F.; Bajo Pérez, Javierinfo:eu-repo/semantics/article2017-09-06T09:14:17Z; 2017-09-06T09:14:17Z; 2012
2016Facial Expression Recognition System for User Preference ExtractionYamaguchi, Naoya; Navarro Cáceres, María; de La Prieta Pintado, Fernando; Matsui, Kenjiinfo:eu-repo/semantics/article2017-09-06T09:16:33Z; 2017-09-06T09:16:33Z; 2016/06
2010Hybrid Multiagent System for Automatic Object Learning ClassificationGil González, Ana Belén; de La Prieta Pintado, Fernando; López, Vivianinfo:eu-repo/semantics/article2017-09-06T09:14:50Z; 2017-09-06T09:14:50Z; 2010/06
2010Improving Functionalities in a Multi-agent Architecture for Ocean Monitoringde La Prieta Pintado, Fernando; Gil Gonzalo, Oscar; Zato Domínguez, Carolina; Martín, Beatriz; García, Albertoinfo:eu-repo/semantics/article2017-09-06T09:14:49Z; 2017-09-06T09:14:49Z; 2010
2010Intelligent Agents and Wireless Sensor Networks: A Healthcare Telemonitoring SystemAlonso Rincón, Ricardo S.; García Pérez, Óscar; Zato Domínguez, Carolina; Gil Gonzalo, Oscar; de La Prieta Pintado, Fernandoinfo:eu-repo/semantics/article2017-09-06T09:15:06Z; 2017-09-06T09:15:06Z; 2010
2011Supporting System for Detecting PathologiesZato Domínguez, Carolina; de Paz Santana, Juan F.; de La Prieta Pintado, Fernando; Martín, Beatrizinfo:eu-repo/semantics/article2017-09-06T09:14:33Z; 2017-09-06T09:14:33Z; 2011/06
2012The Role of Argumentation on the Future Internet: Reaching agreements on CloudsHeras, Stella; de La Prieta Pintado, Fernando; Rodríguez González, Sara; Bajo Pérez, Javier; Botti, Vicente; Julián Inglada, Vicenteinfo:eu-repo/semantics/article2017-09-06T09:14:21Z; 2017-09-06T09:14:21Z; 2012/10
2016Twitter User Clustering Based on Their Preferences and the Louvain AlgorithmLópez Sánchez, Daniel; Revuelta Herrero, Jorge; de La Prieta Pintado, Fernando; Gil González, Ana Belén; Dang, Cachinfo:eu-repo/semantics/article2017-09-06T09:16:47Z; 2017-09-06T09:16:47Z; 2016/06