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Managing Informal Learning in Higher Education Contexts: the learners’ perspective: Profile on PlumX
Title: Managing Informal Learning in Higher Education Contexts: the learners’ perspective
Authors: Marques, María A.
Viegas, María C.
Alves, Gustavo R.
Zangrando, Valentina
Galanis, Nikolas
Brouns, F.
Waszkiewicz, Elwira
García-Peñalvo, Francisco José
Keywords: Competences
Curricula management
Higher education
Informal learning
Gestión del currículo
Educación superior
Aprendizaje informal
Issue Date: Nov-2013
Publisher: International Association of Online Engineering (Viena, austria)
Citation: Marques, M. A., Viegas, M. C., Alves, G. R., Zangrando, V., Galanis, N., Brouns, F., Waszkiewicz, E., García-Peñalvo, F. J. “Managing Informal Learning in Higher Education Contexts: the learners’ perspective”. In G. de Salvador Ferreira, and A. Pester (Eds.), Proceedings of The International Conference on Interactive Computer aided Blended Learning, ICBL2013, Florianópolis, Brazil, 6-8 November 2013, (pp.233-238). Vienna, Austria: International Association of Online Engineering (IAOE).
Abstract: [EN] Informal Learning is present in everyone's life but its awareness only recently has been reported. The need to keep track of the knowledge acquired this way is increasing as its sources diversity also increases. This work presents the pilots trials on the use of a tool developed to help keeping track of the learners’ informal learning, within a number of European higher education schools. This tool developed through the European Commission founded project TRAILER, is still under development, which will allow integrating the set of improving suggestions obtained from users during the piloting phase. The overall idea of managing one’s informal learning was well accepted and welcomed, which validated the emerging need for a tool with this purpose. In higher education schools, this tool also allows students to have a better insight on their academic curricula and the key competences they need to develop further.
ISBN: 978-3-86219-598-5
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