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Retreatment predictions in odontology by means of CBR Systems: Profile on PlumX
Título : Retreatment predictions in odontology by means of CBR Systems
Autor(es) : Campo Nieves, Livia
Aliaga, Ignacio J.
de Paz Santana, Juan F.
García Barbero, Álvaro E.
Bajo Pérez, Javier
Villarrubia González, Gabriel
Corchado Rodríguez, Juan M.
Palabras clave : Computer Science
Fecha de publicación : 2016
Editor : Hindawi Publishing Corporation
Citación : Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience. Volumen 2016 (2016), pp. 1-11. Hindawi Publishing Corporation.
Resumen : The field of odontology requires an appropriate adjustment of treatments according to the circumstances of each patient. A follow-up treatment for a patient experiencing problems from a previous procedure such as endodontic therapy, for example, may not necessarily preclude the possibility of extraction. It is therefore necessary to investigate new solutions aimed at analyzing data and, with regard to the given values, determine whether dental retreatment is required. In this work, we present a decision support system which applies the case-based reasoning (CBR) paradigm, specifically designed to predict the practicality of performing or not performing a retreatment. Thus, the system uses previous experiences to provide new predictions, which is completely innovative in the field of odontology. The proposed prediction technique includes an innovative combination of methods that minimizes false negatives to the greatest possible extent. False negatives refer to a prediction favoring a retreatment when in fact it would be ineffective. The combination of methods is performed by applying an optimization problem to reduce incorrect classifications and takes into account different parameters, such as precision, recall, and statistical probabilities. The proposed system was tested in a real environment and the results obtained are promising.
URI : http://hdl.handle.net/10366/134313
ISSN : 1687-5265
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