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Hybrid indoor location system for museum tourist routes in augmented reality: Profile on PlumX
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dc.contributor.authorVillarrubia González, Gabriel
dc.contributor.authorde Paz Santana, Juan F.
dc.contributor.authorde la Prieta Pintado, Fernando
dc.contributor.authorBajo Pérez, Javier
dc.identifier.citationInformation Fusion (FUSION), 2014 17th International Conference on . pp. 1 - 8.
dc.description.abstractAt present, indoor positioning systems is one of the areas of research that is continuously growing. The main aim here is to develop a system of indoor location with a similar functionality to outdoor location systems such as GPS (Global Positioning System). The main difficulty of indoor location systems lies in their establishment costs given the resources they initially need. This paper presents an innovative indoor location system based on the fusion of information from multiple sensors on a smartphone. This proposed system is evaluated in a case study with the aim of obtaining locations within a museum and displaying on the screen of a mobile device information about the paintings we are seeing in real time, thus improving the efficiency of the existing systems that rely on audio-guides.
dc.subjectComputer Science
dc.titleHybrid indoor location system for museum tourist routes in augmented reality
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