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Infrared spectral profiles in liquids and atom-diatom interactions: Profile on PlumX
Título : Infrared spectral profiles in liquids and atom-diatom interactions
Autor(es) : Medina Domínguez, Alejandro
Mateos Roco, José Miguel
Calvo Hernández, Antonio
Velasco Maíllo, Santiago
Palabras clave : Diátomos
Materia USAL: Espectroscopía de infrarrojos
Infrared spectrocopy
Fecha de publicación : 2004
Editor : American Institute of Physics (Nueva York, Estados Unidos)
Citación : Medina Domínguez, A., Mateos Roco,J. M., Calvo Hernández, A., and Velasco Maíllo, S. (2004). Infrared spectral profiles in liquids and atom-diatom interactions. "Journal of Chemical Physics", 121(13), 1-8.
Resumen : Molecular dynamics simulations of the infrared spectrum of a generic simple polar diatomic in a liquid nonpolar solvent allow to reproduce the different prototypical experimental line shapes of this kind of systems. This is feasible by using different solute-solvent anisotropic potentials at fixed thermodynamic conditions. In the limit cases, the rotation of the diatomic is explained in terms ofa quasifree motion or a rotational diffusion evolution and the spectra show a doublet structure formed by P and R branches or a unique collapsed branch, respectively. When the profile contains three branches, including an intense Q branch in the vicinity of the center of the band, rotationalevolution presents a particular hindering that can be understood by studying the influence on rotational spectral densities of the different time scales involved in rotational relaxation.Cancellation/enhancement effects among spectral density terms arising from intermediate and long times (0.4 1 ps) are essential to understand rotational hindering.
Descripción : Perfiles de espectro infrarrojo en líquidos e interacciones átomo-diátomo.
URI : http://hdl.handle.net/10366/19214
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