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El pretendido origen indoiranio de gr. ?????: Profile on PlumX
Title: El pretendido origen indoiranio de gr. ?????
Authors: Cantera Glera, Alberto
Keywords: Etimología
Indo-European languages
Language and languages
Foreign elements
Greek language
metadata.dc.subject.classification: Lenguas indoeuropeas
Préstamos lingüísticos
Griego (Lengua)
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: Universidad de Valladolid. Secretariado de Publicaciones (España)
Citation: Cantera Glera, Alberto (1999). El pretendido origen indoiranio de gr. ?????. "Minerva ", 13, 45-53.
Abstract: Greek ?????-is homonymous with the wellknown Indo-Iranian word *"mitrá-" (Oldindian "mitrá-" "contract, friend, the got Mitra" ; Avestan mithra- "contract, the god Mithra-", etc.). This has lead to relating both words in the etymological speculation. Gr. ?????- has been often explained as a loan from the Indoiranian. Other authors support that both words derive from a common Indo-European form. The author of this paper tries to show that both hypotheses are false, and that the Greek word has no relationship with the Indoiranian one.
Description: En este artículo se analiza la etimología de gr. ?????.
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