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dc.contributor.authorGarcía Peñalvo, Francisco José 
dc.contributor.authorConde González, Miguel Ángel
dc.contributor.authorZangrando, Valentina 
dc.contributor.authorGarcía Holgado, Alicia 
dc.contributor.authorSeoane Pardo, Antonio Miguel 
dc.contributor.authorAlier Forment, Marc
dc.contributor.authorGalanis, Nikolas
dc.contributor.authorLópez, Jordi
dc.contributor.authorGriffiths, David
dc.contributor.authorJohnson, Mark
dc.contributor.authorMarques, María A.
dc.contributor.authorViegas, María C.
dc.contributor.authorAlves, Gustavo R.
dc.contributor.authorWaszkiewicz, Elwira
dc.contributor.authorMykowska, Aleksandra
dc.contributor.authorMinovic, Miroslav
dc.contributor.authorMilovanovic, Milos
dc.identifier.citationGarcía-Peñalvo, F. J., Conde, M. Á., Zangrando, V., García-Holgado, A., Seoane Pardo, A. M., Alier, M., Galanis, N., López, J., Griffiths, D., Johnson, M., Marques, M. A., Viegas, M. C., Alves, G. R., Waszkiewicz, E., Mykowska, A., Minovic, M., Milovanovic, M. (2013). Tagging, Recognition, Acknowledgment of Informal Learning experiences (TRAILER). In J.F. García-Peñalvo, A. García-Holgado, J. Cruz-Benito (Eds.), Proceedings of the TEEM’13 Track on Knowledge Society Related Projects, Salamanca, Spain, November 16, 2013, (pp. 7-13). Salamanca, Spain: Grupo GRIAL.es_ES
dc.description.abstract[EN] Learners do not only learn in the institutions, they learn during their live in different contexts, with different resources and from the interaction with different persons. This kind of learning that is not always intentionally carried out is known as informal learning. The application of Information and Communication Technologies to learning and teaching processes facilitates making visible such kind of learning for the institutions. However the nature of formal and non-formal, coursebased, approaches to learning has made it hard to accommodate these informal processes satisfactorily. The project aims to facilitate first the identification by the learner (as the last responsible of the learning process), and then the recognition by the institution, in dialogue with the learner, of this learning. To do so a methodology and a technological framework to support it have been implemented and tested.es_ES
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported
dc.subjectInformal learninges_ES
dc.subjectService-based frameworkes_ES
dc.subjectPersonal Learning Networkes_ES
dc.subjectDecision makinges_ES
dc.titleTagging, Recognition, Acknowledgment of Informal Learning experiences (TRAILER)es_ES
dc.subject.unesco58 Pedagogíaes_ES
dc.subject.unesco1203.17 Informáticaes_ES

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Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported
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