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dc.contributor.authorNarvaez, Darcia
dc.contributor.authorBroek, Paul Van de
dc.contributor.authorBarrón Ruiz, Ángela
dc.identifier.citationNarvaez, D, Broek, P. Van den y Barrón Ruiz, A. (1999). The Influence of Reading Purpose on Inference Generation and Comprehension in Reading. Journal of Educational Psychology, 91, (3), 488-496es_ES
dc.description.abstract[EN]There are variations in the extent to which particular types of inferences or activations are made during reading (G. McKoon & R. Ratcliff, 1992; M. Singer, 1994). In this study, the authors investigated the influence of reading purpose (for entertainment or study) on inference generation. Participants read 2 texts aloud and 2 texts for comprehension measures. Reading purpose did not influence off-line behavior (comprehension) but did influence on-line reader behavior (thinking aloud). Readers with a study purpose more often repeated the text, acknowledged a lack of background knowledge, and evaluated the text content and writing than did readers with an entertainment purpose. This pattern was stronger for the expository text than for the narrative text. Reading purpose, and possibly text type, affects the kinds of inferences that readers generate. Hence, inferential activities are at least partially under the reader's strategic control.es_ES
dc.rightsAttribution 4.0 International
dc.subjectComprehension in Readinges_ES
dc.subjectReading Purposees_ES
dc.subjectInference Generationes_ES
dc.subjectExpository textes_ES
dc.subjectNarrative textes_ES
dc.titleThe Influence of Reading Purpose on Inference Generation and Comprehension in Readinges_ES

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